The motto of the college is ‘Gyan Guru Aatam Updesha’. It conveys- knowledge is the Guru that enlightens us. Following this motto, the faculty members of the institution aim to create awareness and urge for educational enrichment among underprivileged people through low fee structure and reservation of seats.25%seats are reserved for SC’s and 5% seats for BC’s. Girls and SC students are not charged any tuition fee.

A vast majority of students of the college come from surrounding rural and downtrodden sections of the society. Equal opportunities are provided to them without any bias of caste, creed, and color. There is no gender discrimination. The dedicated faculty strives for the all-round development of the students and aims at inculcating analytical skills in them to enable them to meet the challenges of life. The main objective of the institution is the upliftment and development of the rural youth especially economically backward, girls, scheduled and other reserve castes.

The students are prepared for the admission to professional and other institutes of higher learning and are groomed to be useful and ideal citizens of the country.