About Govt College Karamsar, Rara Sahib


Life is a series of decisions. At many points, we have to take risks. Every new assignment may be tricky and every new step requires courage. Sometimes we are required to do things which scare us. These are the very things which lead to greatness.

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

When you take the path of timidity and fear, your destiny is only to wonder about what all you could have done and achieved. So overcome your fears and dare to something good, great and creative.

India is waiting for such youth to lead us into glory. The education you have acquired has empowered you, enriched you and armed you for a great future. It will remain with you forever. Use it to realize your true self. It will shine in your personality. Use it for the good of the world.

On the path of Life preserve not only your identity but respect the identity of others. It is imperative that while treading the path of life you preserve not only your identity but also the identity of others. You should not sit in an Ivory Tower and pronounce judgments from there. Assimilation, multiplicity, and plurality are the ‘Mantra’ of the day and you ought to take hold of it.

Our blessing to you in this new session and We pray to God from the very core of our heart that each of you achieves 'Stability' and 'Success' in your life.

Principal's Message