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This college, affiliated to Panjab University, Chandigarh, is situated on the banks of Bathinda Branch Canal, the first daughter of river Sutlej in Ludhiana district. Payal is situated about one and a half kilometers west of Gurdwara Karamsar, Rara Sahib on Ahmedgarh road. Payal, Doraha et al Its distance from Ahmedgarh is almost same i.e. 10 km. Its magnificent building by Sant Baba Ishar Singh Ji Rara; although had built it for the Khalsa Higher Secondary School, but in 1969, Baba Ji, the then Chief Minister Justice Gurnam Singh approved it as a Khalsa College and then as a Government College and the entire building (including Furniture) handed over to Govt. For some time (as long as the building of Khalsa Higher Secondary School was not built) this Schools and colleges continued to run simultaneously in the building.

Along with Arts, Commerce and Science subjects are also taught here. Principal, Professor, Office Practice, Lab. And including library staff and Grade 4; there are 54 posts. University related results are excellent every year due to hard working staff. Baba Ji, keeping in mind the problems of rural girls, approved it as a co-educational institution because the social workers of the villages cannot send the girls to study at Ludhiana, 30 km away. If Baba had not started this college, today this entire area would have been considered a backward area on the map of Punjab. We appreciate and admire the thought of Baba Ji.

Today this rural institution is one of the reputed colleges of Punjab. On the 500th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji in 1975 Guru Nanak Bhavan was built at four places all over India and one of these places was the college where today from the main building to the east an ochre-colored building graces the scene. There are State-of-the-art laboratories of chemistry, physics, computer science and geography in the college. Library, reading room, sports grounds are committed to all round development of students.

Considering the demand of time, computer education has also been started by the university and through Eduset this institution is being spread across India and has been associated with the educational institutions of India. Sant Baba Ishar Singh ji welcomes to the students who have come to take admission in this college for higher education. In September 2016, the college has been given 'B' grade by NAAC which means it is a great achievement of the entire staff.