Bachelor of Science

Admission to B.Sc. 1st Sem

  1. A person who has passed one of the following examinations with pass in English as one of the subjects shall be eligible to join the First Semester class of B.Sc. degree course at Govt College Karamsar, Rara Sahib, however, a person who has not qualified English as one of the subjects at the +2 examinations, shall be eligible to join B.Sc. 1st Semester provisionally subject to his/her qualifying the deficient subject of English from the parent Board/Body/Council/University in two consecutive chances subsequent to his/her admission, failing which his/her admission to B.Sc. 1st Semester and the result for the examination shall automatically stand cancelled.

    Provided that:

    1. a person joining the B.Sc. course must have obtained at least 40 percent marks in the aggregate of the qualifying examination;

    2. a B.Sc. student must have out of the three elective subjects offered by him/her (excepting Anthropology) passed at least 2 Science subjects in the qualifying examination. He/she may offer the third elective subject from the Faculty of Science.

    Provided further that a student shall be eligible to opt the subject of:-

    1. Computer Science at the B.Sc. level, if he/she has passed the +2 examination with Science/Commerce/Economics/Mathematics and Computer related subject like Computer Science/Information Technology etc. as one of the elective subjects or optional subjects.

    2. Chemistry, if he/she passed the +2 examination with the following subject:-

      1. Physics 2. Chemistry 3.Mathematics

    3. A student may opt for Computer Science in B.Sc. (General) (Non-Medical) as one of the elective subjects with the following combination:-

      1. Mathematics 2. Physics 3.Computer Science

  2. A candidate who has been placed under compartment at +2 examination conducted by a Board/Body/Council/University in India shall be eligible to seek admission to the First Semester of B.Sc. course(s) he/she fulfills the following conditions:-

    1. He/she should have been placed in compartment in one subject only;

    2. He/she should have obtained at least 20% marks in the subject in which he/she had been placed in compartment and;

    3. He/she should have obtained the requisite percentage of marks in the aggregate of examination as laid down in the relevant regulations.

    Provided that;

    1. A candidate joining the B.Sc. First Semester should have obtained at least 40% marks in the aggregate of all the subjects (including the marks obtained by him/her in the subject of compartment, Theory & Practical(s) taken together) taken up by him/her at the +2 examination.